Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Hello Ladies!

I strongly encourage all of you to come out and experience an amazing time during Formal recruitment! During this time we want you to see everything that Greek life has to offer because we're not just a group of friends that hangout together. The sisters of Sigma Kappa are very excited to meet all of you wonderful young ladies who are interested in going through in the Spring. This is an unforgettable experience where you will be able to meet sisters from all three organizations, and hopefully find your home at the end of the week!

This is a time for you to enjoy meeting new people and engage in pleasant and enriching conversations. Go into this time with confidence and believe in who you are, interact with everyone and overall have a great time making new experiences. Remember to make the most of this time, keep an open mind, and by the end of this week you will be able to make the choices that stay true to your heart. Can’t wait to see you during Formal Recruitment! 

Chelsea Lienhard ‘18

Vice President of Membership